Professional Signage Surveys and Site Signage Auditing

A key part of the project planning process are the site surveys, including signage audit, which performs several functions that are key to a safe and successful project.

No matter the size of the project, from a single-sign installation to a multi-building public sector estate – our experienced surveyors complete a thorough signage audit and provide the detail that allows project planners to deliver project right first time – with no surprises that could affect timetables or budgets.

The Service

– Wayfinding strategy survey
– Pre-production & access surveys
– Accessibility surveys
– Pre-installation surveys (risk assessment)
– Sign location scheduling
– Estimating and maintenance surveys

Survey & Signage Audit Deliverables

Surveying services ensure:

– Sign programmes are designed and specified to incorporate physical and user practicalities
– Pedestrian and vehicular routes and volumes are understood
– The correct sign is specified for the location and purpose
– Accessibility issues are fully incorporated into schedules and designs
– Technical requirements, such as sign fixings and frameworks, are correctly specified
– Any special access requirements are accommodated
– Installation programmes take the minimum amount of time
– Minimal disruption during installation
– Installation safety is fully planned, for both our installers and your site users

We recommend you take time to walk around your premises, on a regular basis – overtime things happen to your building, which may result in your signs no longer being in the correct place or appropriate to the area where they are placed.