Wayfinding signage solutions

Our wayfinding signage solutions enables staff and visitors alike to navigate their way around your premises with ease

Internal wayfinding has been studied and developed to streamline the way in which indoor areas are orientated. Colour coding, internal maps, directories and cluster signage within indoor spaces are the most effective way of helping your clients, visitors, staff and students to make their own way around a building.

In order to provide an effective wayfinding system, a thorough understanding of the building layout, the purpose and function of the building and your target visitors is essential. We will visit your premises and carry out a comprehensive site survey, meeting with you to discuss the best methods and signage solutions appropriate to your building and company.

Not only does successful interior wayfinding provide your visitors with a sense of control, that they are able to get from A to B independently. It is also cost effective in the long term,  studies have shown that the loss of productivity in staff having to take time out to direct visitors is significant, as is also the case when visitors become lost in a building and are late or miss their appointments.

Effective wayfinding signage can not only improve the experience of navigating a building but also improve the overall aesthetics, using colour, imagery and texture to enhance the space whilst fulfilling its wayfinding purpose.

Interior wayfinding signage methods are guaranteed to improve the overall experience of those visiting your premises and for those who use it on a day to day basis. Making navigation of the building, whatever its size, that much easier.

We have a variety of signage systems available including; MSS, Slatz and Vista as well as bespoke designs that can be fret cut in to any shape or size to suit the space and your branding.

If you would like to help make your space more user friendly for your visitors then please contact us for further information.

Room Signs are one of the most effective ways to guide people around your premises, indicating the function or residence of each particular room.

Without clear labelling of each room or space, visitors, students, staff and clients are likely to get lost. We have a variety of high-grade sign systems available including ; MSS, Slatz, Slimline Slatz , Vista and many more. These sign systems come in a range of colour ways and can include your company logo, helping to continue your branding theme throughout the premises. Due to the product design, these systems are easy to assemble and can be updated as and when the user needs, making them a great choice for those with rooms that regularly change purpose or resident.

Door and  room signs are available with free/engaged indicators, these are particularly useful for office and meeting rooms.

We also produce many room signs that are not part of a sign system product. These can be tailor made to the client’s specification using a vast choice of materials;

For example, fret cut aluminium letters can be adhered to the top or side of a doorway as can digitally printed letters.   Or, bespoke signs made signs in glass, acrylic, stainless steel or brushed aluminium, choosing materials, manufacturing methods and installation that are most appropriate to the space.

The majority of our room signs can be adapted to include Braille and Tactile features to assist the Blind and Visually Impaired.  We also have an effective room sign system that has been developed to  assist those with  special learning needs to navigate their way around premises with ease.