We offer a wide range of road safety, traffic and road signs in accordance with the traffic signs, signals and road markings specifications, all with rapid turnaround times.

Traffic Management and Road Signs

All road and traffic signs supplied by PFI Signs are fully compliant with all British standards, and in accordance with the traffic signs, signals and road markings specifications.

We can provide one off signs, volume signs for large contracts, and integrate traffic management content into corporate signage designs.

We produce road and traffic signage in a range of substrates, including aluminium, aluminium composite and steel. A full range of posts and fixings are also offered, including anti-vandal fixings.

  • Manufactured to meet all current UK road traffic regulations
  • RA1, RA2 reflective, high intensity and engineering grades available
  • Signs are painted to rear as standard
  • Channel extrusion on the reverse for post fixing
  • Bolhoff blind rivet system available
  • Full range of posts and fixings, including anti-vandal fittings
  • Screen printed or digitally printed

ICE Sage Ice Detector Sign

Every year, there are around 3000 people admitted to hospital after slipping and falling on ice – in addition to the huge increase in road traffic accidents.  That is a lot of extra stress being put on the NHS.

We have a duty of care to protect people from harm and injury on our premises.   In the winter of 2020 when Covid-19 is expected to rise again, we must do all we can to prevent slips and falls resulting in injury and putting additional load on the NHS.

Installing Ice Detector signs is a low-cost, low maintenance and effective measure that you can take, to reduce the risk of ice-related incidents on your car parks and external pathways.

The Ice Detector signs’ super bright LED lights will flash when the temperature drops below 3C, influencing both drivers and pedestrians to take more care in icy conditions.



  • Low cost & low maintenance
  • Robust and reliable
  • No mains power

The design uses state-of-the-art PIC chip technology, with ultra-low power consumption requiring no mains supply. It has no moving parts and is fully weather sealed, making it both robust and reliable.

The LEDs are highly visible and have a wide angle of inclusion, even in daylight.

Traffic Cone Safety Signs

A simple, powerful message urging motorists to think about the safety of the people behind the roadworks when driving!

  • 100% Correx.
  • Directly printed via our flat-bed printer.
  • Created with a supplied flat hinge mechanism.
  • Sleeve fitting enables an easy and effective installation.
  • Weatherproof.

For construction workers, even a reduced speed limit leaves them feeling precariously close to thousands of vehicles.

From an employer’s perspective, this sign highlights the care and consideration that you have for your employees!