Outstanding structural sign designs.

Monolith Signs deliver a highly visible identity and directional sign solution when visibility and brand impact are key.

These contemporary signs are available double or single sided, triangular, 4-sided or bespoke, and may incorporate modular components, built-up features and illumination.

The Farley Collection

Key Features of the Farley Family

  • A collection of tall, slender totem signs, the design boasts a seamless fabrication with no visible fixings, giving you a high-quality finish with the benefit of added vandal resistance.
  • The signs can be highlighted with internal illumination.
  • This collection of monolith signs are particularly suited to site directional signs, maps and building entrance identity.
  • Mild steel subframe with aluminium face panels.
  • Painted to any BS/RAL colours (other colours can be mixed)

The Monroe Collection

Key Features of the Monroe Family

  • The Monroe family collection is designed around a galvanised steel framework, providing a robust, vandal resistant construction.
  • Monolith signs incorporate a 150mm kick-plate at the base.
  • All signs are finished with shaped and sealed, colour matched caps and bases to prevent water ingress.
  • Face panels are convex curved with a stove enameled paint finish and Vanguard overlacquer, giving you a long lasting, fade resistant and aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • Text, graphics and icons are screen printed, providing superior longevity and vandal resistance. Digitally printed maps and artwork may be applied and are laminated for longevity and fade resistance.

Bespoke Monoliths

Key Features of Bespoke Monoliths

  • Our onsite factory and team of qualified technicians ensures that we are able to manufacture bespoke monolith signs to suit your project.
  • Bespoke sizes, shapes and materials can be combined to make your perfect monolith sign.
  • Our bespoke monoliths are available in illuminated and non-illuminated.
  • Our in-house installation team are trained to install specialised bespoke signs.

Sign Systems

Key Features of Sign Systems

  • We have a variety of sign systems available such as Monoform, Totem Elipso, Monoframe, Chameleon, and Sculptura.
  • The benefit of the monolith signage systems is that they are constructed using a metal frame and separate panels. Once you have the frame in place the panels can then be removed and updated with ease.
  • Signage systems are available as complete sign packages, with interior and exterior sign products available. Whether you have existing interior signage in place, comprising of one of the above sign system or if you are embarking on a complete signage overhaul. Choosing a specific sign system family to use throughout your interior and exterior signage project will give a visitors and employees a sense of continuity.