Purposefully designed signage creates a supportive environment to improve wayfinding and reduce disorientation and confusion amongst dementia sufferers.


Disorientation and bewilderment are a common experience for people with dementia.  It can be very distressing and frightening.

Skillfully created signage schemes create a more supportive environment – helping to reduce the distress and fear caused by disorientation and confusion.

Our consultants worked closely with dementia charity and research organisation Stirling, to understand the wayfinding challenges faced by dementia sufferers and how signage can impact their wellbeing.

We have completed hundreds of signage packages for sheltered housing schemes, care homes, and supported residential projects nationwide.

The Challenges for Dementia Sufferers

People with dementia struggle with impaired memory and cognitive skills. This makes wayfinding a frustrating and often distressing daily challenge, especially when moving into a new environment, such as a care home.

The physical challenges of old-age add further difficulties.

For example, the ageing eye loses the ability to discriminate between colours, so tone is more important in terms of contrast. Glossy surfaces reflect colour and light from behind the reader, affecting contrast and legibility.

Many older people experience a loss of height, as well as reduced strength in their shoulder muscles, which lowers their eyeline.

Dementia Care Sign Scheme Design

Our consultants undertake care-centric site surveys, considering the internal and external environments, resident and non-resident spaces, wayfinding, accessibility and privacy needs. We work with care providers and build contractors to create sign packages which are specifically adapted to meet the unique needs of dementia care patients within these environments.

Adapted for Impaired Learning & Memory

– Oversized signs
– Mencap font
– Text sized for reading distance
– Easily recognisable pictograms
– Reverse printed
– Radius corners, no sharp edges

Adapted for the Ageing Eye and Body

– High contrast, colour and tone
– Matt finish
– Excellent LRV contrast values
– Lower fixing height

Case Studies

Riverside Hull Extra Care Scheme 

PFI Sign Solutions have installed wayfinding signage at Extra Care schemes for Riverside Housing Group, with a sign package that caters
for the special needs of residents with dementia and vision impairment.

Riverside’s project, in partnership with Hull City Council and Wates Living Space, created 316 Extra Care apartments across three sites in Hull, to meet the growing demand for support for people with care needs.

This project is particularly close to our hearts, and one we are proud to have been involved with.

Limelight: Health and Well-being Hub

The PFI Group were immensely proud to support the development of the health and well-being hub, Limelight.  Based within Old Trafford, this impressive organisation brings together fantastic facilities and vital community services all under one roof, aimed at making a real difference to the lives of local people by providing a space for the community to socialise, learn and grow.

One of the core services is the provision of Extra Care housing, providing care for those diagnosed with Dementia as well as care for the elderly, whilst allowing them to retain their independence.