When your business reopens, it will be critically important to provide protection, information and unambiguous instruction, to create a Covid-Safe environment for customers, staff and essential site visitors.

No other signmaker has worked as closely with hospitals and key-sector services during this pandemic to deliver  Covid-Safe environments.  Invaluable experience which you can use to make your business Covid-Safe before reopening.

Here we provide information on products and services that will help you setup a safer working environment for reopening.  Whether you are an office block, retail store, construction site or university campus – get the best products and advice from the company that has been providing these solutions throughout the pandemic.

Sneeze Screens, Dividers & Barriers

Acrylic Desk Screens

Acrylic screens help prevent infection spread of COVID-19, offering protection to your staff and customers.  These are especially useful where joint working spaces mean staff cannot maintain the required social distance from each other, or for preventing contamination of food stuffs at canteens and food counters.  They also provide essential protection for workspaces with direct customer contact, eg reception desks, kiosks, checkouts, etc.

We offer a wide range of screens that cover all situations from a simple free-standing desk unit to a full wrap around.  In addition, we can design and manufacture bespoke solutions to suite your specific brand environments

barrier_a4Dividers & Barriers

Dividers and barriers are important features in your infection safety measures, reminding everyone to maintain social distancing.

For direct customer contact points such as checkouts, cash-points, etc – they are used in conjunction with floor stickers to keep queues of people a safe distance apart.

They can be positioned between workstations to created a physical space to prevent unnecessary contact between individuals – ideally used in operations such as assembly lines, packaging departments, and any area where employees are in close proximity to each other.

In modified wayfinding systems, they can be used to mark no-go areas and blocked-off doors/entrances.

We provide a range of flexible and solid barrier systems and barrier notices for retail, commercial, public and industrial applications.

Floor Stickers, Signs and Banners

Floor Stickers

A variety of floor stickers to aid social distancing can be provided.
Suitable for internal use on carpet, hard flooring or external use on pavements.
May be used to assist with queuing or creating ‘one-way’ movements within a particular area. Ideal for use with queue systems e.g. fixed queue rails or tensator barriers.

Signs, Posters & A-Boards

Use to support your social distancing, wayfinding and hygiene measures – with options available for every space and covid-19 communication.

We provide a range of awareness products, including ceiling suspended signs, queue barrier post signs and A-boards.

Full design, manufacture and installation service available.



Banners help keep your customers, staff, students and contractors up-to-date with your covid-19 site safety advice, opening hours and restrictions, while reinforcing your brand’s responsible actions regarding the pandemic.  Large banners are powerful communication tools with the size and impact to convey the message to large volumes of people, while pop-up banners allow you to move your message to meet the changing needs and occupancy of spaces.



Social Distance Wayfinding

Social Distance Wayfinding

As we come out of lockdown, how can we navigate our built environments .. our offices, lecture theatres, warehouses, factories, shopping centres.. in such as way as to maintain safe distancing, to keep to the infection rate down and prevent more people from dying.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, PFI Group companies have provided clients in key sectors with emergency wayfinding and social distancing signage services – design, manufacture and install.

Social Distancing WayfindingOur combined wayfinding and safety signage expertise is facilitating workplace environments that flow safer – helping to keep services and key sector workplaces open. As lockdown eases, this experience is invaluable to reopening businesses who seek to keep their employees and customers safe.

We have created a guide booklet to illustrate some of the key methods used to create a socially distanced flow of people within built spaces.

Sanitiser Dispensing Units, Shields & Masks

Sanitiser Dispensing Units

handsanitiser_in_coffeeshop450We should all know by now, that the single most important thing an individual can do to minimise their risk of catching covid-19 when not isolating, is regularly washing their hands.

SARS-CoV2, the virus which causes the disease Covid-19, is spread mostly by airborne droplets.  The virus is picked up by touching infected surfaces, and easily transferred into your system when touching your face.   Regular handwashing minimises everyone’s risk.

By providing hand sanitiser units for customers, visitors and at key workstations, you reduce the chance of the infection entering the premises on infected hands, and reduces the risk for every visitor and staff member by encouraging more frequent hand hygeine.

PFI provide a range of floor standing, wall mounted and desk-standing sanitiser dispensing units which provide additional advice and information to users along with your brand.


Face Shields & Masks

We offer a range of front-line fully certified PPE to help you protect your staff and customers, including face shields and masks.
PPE can be manufactured with your own corporate colours and branding. (minimum order quantities apply)