Bespoke built up letters individually manufactured in-house, using specialised machinery and our skilled manufacturing team.

With the help of new machinery and our qualified shop floor team, we have developed our in-house manufacturing skills and are now able to produce bespoke built up 3D lettering on site. Producing high quality built up letters in a variety of materials such as brushed or polished stainless steel, aluminium, brass, gold titanium and acrylic.

Whether used on it’s own, or incorporated with other materials or sign structures, individual and built up lettering creates a distinctive, eye-catching sign. A wide range of text styles can be produced, both serif and sans-serif, even script text and logos can be created

Built Up Acrylic Letters

  • A vast colour range and variety of finishes are available, bespoke colour swatches can also be matched.
  •  Sizes start from 150mm high with a 15mm return edge.
  •  Flat face acrylic letters are cut using either our router or laser cutting machinery.
  •  Returns and faces are then assembled by hand by one of our qualified specialists.
  •  Built up acrylic letters are available as non illuminated, halo illuminated or face illuminated.

Built Up Metal Letters

  • Available in brushed/ polished/ descaled (& painted) stainless steel. Brass, Copper, Premium Titanium and Aluminium.
  •  Return sizes start from 20mm up to 120mm
  •  Flat face metal letters are cut using laser cutting machinery.
  •  Our automatic letter bender is directed by vector artwork. Producing returns in varying sized typefaces.
  •  Returns and faces are either welded or soldered together by our trained specialists.
  •  Aluminium & descaled stainless steel are then taken over to our paint shop to be powder coated or stove enamelled.
  • Built up metal letters are available as non illuminated, halo illuminated or face illuminated.

Built Up Premium Metal Letters

  • Our premium letters are finished by hand to the highest quality.
  • The superior finish is due to the process of filing and polishing the join between the letter face and return. By repeating this process the built up letter becomes seamless. Once the letter has been highly polished it appears flawless.
  • Bespoke sizes and typefaces can be produced as the majority of the construction is completed by hand.
  • Available in a range of materials such as stainless/polished steel, copper, bronze, gold bronze and black titanium.
  • Built up premium metal letters are available as non illuminated, halo illuminated or trough illuminated.

Illuminated Letters

  • Face illumination is a common method of adding illumination to signage. LED lighting is placed inside the built up letter and an acrylic ,fret cut face is used. The light is then projected forward.
  • Halo Illumination is a more subtle method of illuminating signage. Built up letters are constructed in the same way as if they were not to be illuminated, we then add LEDs (white or coloured) to the inside of the letter and place an acrylic back tray to the reverse of the letter. This then projects a subtle glow around the letter.
  • Trough Illumination is a separate lighting system that is fitted above the built up letters.
  • Premium halo illumination. An enhanced acrylic back tray is manufactured to create a refined halo illumination.

Fret Cut Flat Metal & Acrylic Letters

Flat cut letters are most often manufactured in aluminium or stainless steel, we also have other materials available such as acrylic and brass.

Flat-cut individual lettering may be Plot-cut (vinyl), or Flat fret-cut (metals, plastics and other materials)

We hold a wide range of vinyls, acrylics and BS / RAL paints in stock. Pantone colours can also be mixed (for paints) or flood-coated (for vinyls).

  •  Vinyl: Wide range of colours, metallics and effects
  • Aluminium : Stove enamelled any BS / RAL colour
  • Acrylic : wide range of standard colours, plus clear
  • Steel : brushed / polished or stove enamelled any BS / RAL colour
  • Brass : polished
  • Available as illuminated or non- illuminated.