Banners are an effective way of catching the attention of passers-by – utilising every available space to display your marketing message.



Banners are an effective way of catching the attention of passers-by. Utilising outdoor spaces, they can transform a post or blank wall into a valuable advertising space, which is ideal for advertising your brand, upcoming events, or a marketing message.

Banners are a cost effective signage solution that add colour and imagery to otherwise dead space. Due to their design, the fixings are easily updated with new banners were you to have new information to display.

Lamp Post Banners

Lamp post banners are ideal for targeting the marketing of  your event , product or attraction at those travelling by foot, car or public transport.

Effortlessly viewed due to their high position and the 650gram PVC banners can be easily updated. Designed to withstand winds of up to 100mph.

Café Barriers

Café barriers are a multifunctional product that allow you to zone off areas, such as eating and drinking areas whilst advertising your brand. They are used for displaying company logos, information or an upcoming event.

Easy to assemble and available in the following materials: Stainless steel posts with PVC, PVC Mesh or heavy duty knitted polyester banners.

Sizes :  1.2metres , 1.5metres and 1.8metres.